Message from
the management team

Moving to Phnom Penh and coming from any part of the world can be quite an experience, with language and cultural differences sometimes creating a challenging time for those new to the city.

Silvertown Metropolitan Condominium offers value-for-money, to Local and International tenants that want to experience an condominium that focuses on your lifestyle.

Whether you’re leaving your family and friends to come to Phnom Penh for work, a company or businessperson running their business, or just looking for a better place to live, we understand your needs and will go out of the common way to ensure that they are met while you stay here with us.

Perfectly located in one of Phnom Penh’s most stylish and young residential quarters, Silvertown Metropolitan combines luxury, high quality services, into a westernized philosophical standard that is influenced by the warm and friendly Khmer customs to perfect what we had known condominium to be. The idea behind Silvertown Metropolitan was to create a place where tenants feel at home but also have additional services they would expect from a higher-end hotel in Cambodia or anywhere in the world.

From the overall design of the building to the services provided, we keep an eye for every detail in order to match any standard.

Considering the continuing improvements the city is going through, we are
focusing on every single service detail from the very beginning to always be
improving along this growing city. The designer’s inspiration was to select and create a contemporary mixture of zen elements in the design as well as a
dynamic organization that offers tenants the ideal living experience.

We are proud to present you this invitation and honored to offer you a condominium that you can love to call home.